20Q + A Few with Juan Sergio Carreon

Posted: November 22, 2010 in 20Q + A Few, Club America Academy

Juan Sergio Carreon--Club America Academy

Position:  Forward
Height/Weight:  6’1”/190
Date of Birth:  October 8, 1987
Where Born:  Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico
Last Team:  Galveston Pirate SC

Atlas Fuerzas Basicas
Cypress Falls High School 4th all-time points leader
Two-time All-District
Four-Year varsity player for Southwestern Univeristy
Named top recruit in class of 2005
Part of winningest senior class in Southwestern University soccer history
Leading scorer for FC Austin in the Arena Premier Soccer League  
Austin Aztex (PDL) U-23 All-Star team selection
Houston Leones (PDL)

20 Questions with Juan Sergio Carreon

1. The best thing about playing for Club America Academy:  Playing for the soccer franchise I’ve been a fan of since I was 3 years old
2. Strengths as a player:  Goal scorer, shot power and accuracy with both feet
3. Superstitions:  None
4. Proudest soccer moment:  Scoring the game-winner against UT-Tyler and becoming one of the youngest goal scorers in NCAA history at only 17 years old
5. Favorite team and player:  Miroslav Klose/Bayern Munich/Germany

6. Favorite TV show and movie:  Jamie Fox Show/The Count of Monte Cristo
7. Superpower of choice:  Super strength
8. Adjective that describes you best:  N/A
9. Dream job irrespective of salary (excluding soccer):  Work for MD Anderson in cancer research
10. One thing you’d most like to change about the world:  People’s awareness of children fatality rates due to malnutrition 

11. Many people would be surprised to learn that you’re interested in:  Fishing and poker
12. The ideal off-day:  N/A
13. If you could travel to one place:  Germany
14. The perfect meal would be:  Ceviche and tres leches cake for dessert
15. iPod consists of:  Drake, Lil Wayne, Aventura, TI, etc.

16. At a movie theater, which armrest is yours?  I don’t own any arm rest. 
17. Why do people turn down the radio when they’re lost?  To concentrate
18. Why is a dog’s nose always wet?  Mammals are mostly water
19. What do you call the top of your foot?  The laces lol
20. Give us your best joke:  Si me tomo una foto con flash, se enojara super man? lol


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