It’s a dirty job but somebody has to: Be a coach

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Dirty Jobs

Coaching is a dirty job, but luckily Galveston Pirate SC has Brendan Keyes there to do it.

You thought you had it tough.  Try being a SOCCER COACH.  Galveston Pirate SC coach Brendan Keyes fills us in on the woes of his underappreciated job. 

The time when I had a blowout going to the game and the heavens opened up, I thought to myself, “What am I doing here?”   

If only people knew the real Brendan Keyes lol, then they might understand my job.

I swear, if the next time I mark fields naked and no one says “thank you”…

My pet peeve when coaching would definitely be don’t talk to me I am in Terminator mode.  I’ll be back!

You would never believe how much time I spend on own lol.  Not really, I am very popular.

 The one thing that isn’t in my job description as a coach, but I often find myself doing is washing smelly kits.

When I was first interested in coaching I thought about coaching Celtic FC in my dreams.  I woke up on a Pirate ship with 22 Pirates in Galveston , TX, 5000 miles from Ireland!

 I love my job!  I wouldn’t trade being a coach for anything

You have to be a bit mad and really love the game to own a soccer team in America.  I guess I am a bit special lol, but I love the buzz it gives me when my team plays well and wins.   Soccer is my life.  It always has been, and the challenge is to make it a bigger sport here in the States and bring the beautiful game to the people of this great country.

Together everybody say awww, poor Coach Keyes!


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