Monkey See, Monkey Do: Elephants, referees, and infringing fans too

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Monkey See; Monkey Do

By Kim DeRaedt

Move over Ronaldinho:  Buck teeth are no match for elephant tusks!

Animals can play like people, and people can act like animals.  One of the bitterest rivalries in all of soccer features Scottish sides Rangers and Celtic.  The most notable riot between the two occurred on January 2, 1971.  Dubbed the “Ibrox Disaster”, chaos broke out when Celtic scored a late goal only to be followed up by an even more spectacular finish from Rangers in the final minute.  An angry stampede of Celtic fans charged for the gates.  A stairway collapsed killing 66 and injuring 175 fans. 

A fan whose skills for some reason were not appreciated…

Grow up!
obody Enjoys Soccer’s Wrongdoers
Some fans don’t realize they aren’t players; Some fans (and players) don’t realize soccer isn’t exempt from the rules of society.  From North to South, East to West incidents of referee abuse are becoming way too common.

North:  A 42-year-old South Dakota man needs to be careful who he strikes next time.  The man struck a referee during a U-11 girls’ game.  The referee just so happened to be the town’s major, and the man was sentenced to a year in jail in addition to anger management courses and a year’s ban from all youth sports outings.   

East:  Woah, soccer mom!  Keep your hands on the wheel.  A Virginia soccer mom slapped and scratched a 15-year-old volunteer referee’s face during a U-9 soccer match. 

South:  Zidane has emigrated from France to Florida.  An angry coach attacked a U-12 referee near the concession stand and head butted him, breaking the referee’s nose.

West:  A Palm Springs, California, referee was ganged up on by four men and stabbed in an alleged revenge act against him for a game he’d officiated a month prior.  One of the assailants was sought for attempted murder, although it was believed he had fled to Mexico and sought refuge with friends and family. 

For a look at shameful referee/official attacks from across the realm of sports:


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