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Happy Holidays

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SPSL FLASH will return with news updates on January 1st to kick-off the new year.  Merry Christmas!


20Q + A Few with Sean Mohler

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Sean Mohler--Corpus Christi Fuel

Position: Midfielder
Height/Weight: 5’10”/172
Date of Birth: July 28, 1989
Place of Birth: Corpus Christi, TX
Last Team: Our Lady of the Lake University

Played at Carroll High School
All-District (2006, 2007)
Appeared in 12 games for Our Lady of the Lake University as a junior
Notched an assist against Southwestern Assemblies of God University
Scored in Fuel’s franchise-first win against Galveston Pirate SC

20 Questions with Sean Mohler

1. The best thing about playing for Corpus Christi Fuel: Further development of my soccer skills
2. Strengths as a player: Desire to play on any given day
3. Superstitions: Tie my right cleat before my left cleat
4. Proudest soccer moment: Being on the field with some of my closest friends
5. Favorite team and player: Barcelona FC and Sergio Ramos

6. Favorite TV show and movie: ESPN and Gladiator
7. Superpower of choice: Teleportation
8. Adjective that describes you best: Funny
9. Dream job irrespective of salary (excluding soccer): Actor
10. One thing you’d most like to change about the world: Warfare

11. Many people would be surprised to learn that you’re interested in: History
12. The ideal off-day: Wake up around noon, get some lunch and play video games all day
13. If you could travel to one place: Barcelona, Spain
14. The perfect meal would be: Steak and loaded mashed potatoes
15. iPod consists of: All kinds of music

16. At a movie theater, which armrest is yours? Both of them!!
17. Why do people turn down the radio when they’re lost? Lol I’m never lost
18. Why is a dog’s nose always wet? Because they are always hot
19. What do you call the top of your foot? The top of my foot?
20. Give us your best joke: There are just too many. I don’t know which to use!!

Schooled! A lesson in LITERATURE

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Sometimes flipping through the pages can be just as good as flipping through the channels. These are the books that should've landed on your school's required reading list.

By Kim DeRaedt

If reading feeds the mind and soccer fuels the soul, then the sport’s best literature will surely provide total body benefits not be discounted.  Take a look at your bare or boring bedstand and consider livening it up with some of these great reads.

Bestselling on Amazon
1. A Beautiful Game:  The World’s Greatest Players and How Soccer Changed Their Lives
By Tom Watt
“A Beautiful Game
tells their stories, in the players’ own words—stories of boys who would grow up to be heroes for a new generation of young players and fans. They look back to their childhoods: to their family homes, to their schoolrooms, to the friends they grew up with, and to the places where they first played the game that has made them stars. The players’ words are brought to life with over 160 full-color images that offer rare, emotive, and striking insights into childhood all over the world, and celebrate soccer’s ability to touch the lives of children—and adults—wherever the beautiful game is played.”
2. Soccernomics:  Why England Loses, Why Germany and Brazil Win, and Why the U.S., Japan, Austrailia, Turkey—and Even Iraq—Are Destined to Become the Kings of the World’s Most Popular Sport
By Simon Kuper & Stefan Szymanski
3. Inverting the Pyramid:  The History of Football Tactics
By Jonathan Wilson

ESPN Expert Endorsement:  Roger Bennett’s Recommended
The Ball is Round:  A Global History of Soccer
By David Goldblatt
“…is more a monumental achievement than a book. A precisely written, 992-page cultural history of soccer, a little bit like Bill Simmons’ colossus “The Book of Basketball” but without the sense of humor. Reading it is like running a marathon — a test of human stamina and endurance that is uniquely rewarding at the finish.”
2. The Glory Game
By Hunter Davies
3. Garrincha:  The Triumph & Tragedy of Brazil’s Forgotten Footballing Hero
By Ruy Castro Find out more!


The boys of summer are back for Corpus Christi and if today's game was any indication, there will be plenty of celebrating for Fuel fans in the near future.

By Kim DeRaedt

Saturday’s Southern Premier Soccer League (SPSL) action pitted two undefeated teams each against an otherwise dismal opponent.  Saturday’s play also displayed the beauty of soccer, the unpredictability of sports and the exhilaration of an upset.

It was almost a month ago to the day that Corpus Christi Fuel nearly pulled off the “Miracle on Grass” of the SPSL before falling 3-2 to Regals FC.  Thanks to second chances, the Fuel wasn’t about to let the opportunity slip through its grasp when the team clicked into upset mode once again.  It is safe to say that Corpus Christi likely surprised itself when the crew defeated Galveston Pirate SC 2-1.

The Fuel entered the day’s match with a league-worst 0-8-0 record, having conceded 36 goals while salvaging only six of its own.  The club had to endure the road trip to Galveston and the tough atmosphere of a supporter-laden Pirate SC Courville Stadium.  Pirate SC was undefeated and captained by the league’s leading goal scorer in Roy Hernandez, whom just so happened to be searching for his most supreme performance with New York Red Bulls scouts on hand.  In other words, the odds were stacked against Corpus Christi in more ways than one, but like true underdogs, the team stared its shortcomings in the eye and triumphed over each and every obstacle to make its victory all the more sweet. 

The visitors set sail for Galveston with the welcomed return of several familiar faces from its summer squad that tied Pirate SC in both teams’ infancy, and the Fuel wasted no time in reminding the home side just how dangerous a united, complete Corpus Christi bunch can be.  Sean Mohler put the team in front in the 10th minute, before most fans and foes realized what hit them.  Both clubs found themselves in an unfamiliar experience, the Fuel with a strange sensation of confidence.  As goalkeeper Patrick Kasperitis would explain, his team was “buzzing”. Find out more!

Texas Lonestrikers will look to employ a strong, combined offensive and defensive effort to tackle a tough Tulsa team this weekend.

By Kim DeRaedt

As if the Texas Lonestrikers’ 1-4 start wasn’t scary enough, stranger danger may very well be a concern when Tulsa Lobos FC invades Nacogdoches for a double-header battle this weekend.  Tulsa is the last remaining Southern Premier Soccer League (SPSL) team that the Lonestrikers have yet to face this season, but the Lobos are by no means the final question left unanswered. 

Indeed, Lonestrikers coach Gerardo Romero has been scratching his head plenty of times in the franchise’s inaugural campaign.  Having conceded 20 goals while salvaging only four of their own, the numbers certainly don’t spell success for the Nacogdoches dwellers.  If the team is going to rise from its fifth place slot in the SPSL standings, both the club’s offense and defense will have to step up in sync.

Romero believes both units could benefit from focus and fitness, two elements that he has enlisted the expertise of new coach Sergio Perez to improve. 

“Sergio has been a great asset to our team,” Romero said.  “His knowledge and experience at the professional level has enabled us to design and implement a successful fitness regimen.  He has also honed in on the mental side of soccer and helped with our pre-game preparations.” Find out more!

Pirate SC and Roy Hernandez are at the top of the league and scorers' tables respectively, but the margin for error is little as Tulsa and Abed Elkour creep in on the honors.

By Kim DeRaedt

This weekend was supposed to decide which team would rise to the top of the Southern Premier Soccer League (SPSL) standings and establish itself as the club to beat, but Galveston and Tulsa decided to draw one and save the other game for added suspense and debate in the new year.  In the meantime, Club America waited only one half before pouncing on Corpus Christi and claiming a decisive victory. 

Let’s start with what we know.  Club America Academy has taken flight.  The young birds have found their wings and soared through their last two matches.  In particular, the team’s offense has been predator-like and snatched seven goals in its last two outings after amassing only one goal in the club’s first four franchise appearances. 

Hardly a stranger to the scoreboard nowadays, Club America didn’t take long to find the back of the net in its 4-1 victory over a struggling Corpus Christi Fuel crew.  Club America drew first blood, but head coach Thiago Costa Reis wasn’t about to get comfortable, especially after his side saw a 1-0 lead morph into a 2-1 deficit against Texas Lonestrikers the previous week.

“The first goal is obviously huge, but it’s not everything,” Reis said.  “It gave our guys confidence, but at the same time, Corpus Christi wasn’t about to back down.  They came here convinced that today was the day they were going to pick up their first points.” Find out more!

It's a GRRREAT week in the SPSL as each team attempts to earn its stripes in battle this weekend. Such excitement might even bring out the tiger in YOU!

By Kim DeRaedt

Total:  Believe it or not, SPSL FLASH is about YOU!  It needs you, yes YOU.  Players:  “20Q + A Few” is in need of volunteers to complete a profile.  Feature articles, “Dirty Jobs” posts, etc. are dying to be written with the cooperation of generous players and staff.  Are you a soccer player (any age), coach, referee, camp director, store owner, blogger, charity organization, or just a plain old fan of the game?  If so, YOU can help too.  Click on the “About” tab and drop a comment about how you’d like to contribute or simply tell of your role in the sport and an interview and your story will soon be rearing to go.  Content is made much more exciting when it has a personal touch and caters to the SPSL and its interested, appreciated followers and community. 

Lucky Charms:  Tulsa depended upon a 93rd minute penalty kick to bring the team level with Galveston and steal a point from the current league leaders in a 4-4 frenzy.

Cap’n Crunch:  Roy Hernandez scored Pirate SC’s first goal before sinking back into the midfield.  Hernandez’s goal total now stands at 10 as he distances himself as SPSL top scorer. 

Balance:  Four different Pirate SC players tallied against Tulsa.  The Hernandez brothers, Luis and Roy, as well as Dustin Botting and Felipe Escobedo found the back of the net. 

Wheaties:  Last weekend was supposed to bring a double-header and a decisive league leader was to emerge.  However, the SPSL is still looking for its Wheaties box cover team after Tulsa and Galveston played to an entertaining draw. 

Basic 4:  Club America has figured out the game’s basic formula:  score more than one’s opponent.  Four goals proved enough as the club secured its second-straight victory in a 4-1 triumph over visiting Corpus Christi Fuel. 

Oreo O’s:  The Fuel’s win column is still empty.  The team fell for the eighth-consecutive time this season on its Saturday adventure to Houston. 

Froot Loops:   It’ll be a colorful weekend in SPSL play before the holiday break.  Each team will be in uniform as Regals FC hosts Club America and the Fuel once again hit the road, this time for Galveston.  The OK clan will trek to Texas Lonestrikers territory to defend its unbeaten record in a double-header matchup.