Weekly Sightings: The World of the SPSL

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Weekly Updates

It’s only once every blue moon that Texas Lonestrikers and Club America Academy win or even score for that matter. When the two meet this weekend, which will shine the brightest?

Hubble Telescope:  Adjust your focus, clean your lens because SPSL FLASH has some new and exciting updates to discover and explore.  Site hits are down and interaction is MIA, so that means fresh ideas must be implemented.  The catch is, not just yet!  You’ll have to check in throughout the week to find the latest and greatest.

Two-Way Radio: SPSL FLASH is about you; it’s for you.  With that said, make yourself at home.  Comment, discuss, interact, and voice your opinion.  In other words, we want to hear from YOU!  Any advice or site suggestions are welcome.  Rumor has it, comments make a story twice as good.  It’s about teamwork!

Solar Powered:  Regals FC’s offense rushed for four goals in a nine-minute span early in the first half to defeat Club America Academy 5-1.

Shining Star:  Erick Cruz scored twice in Regals FC’s victory on Saturday to bring his goal total to eight and put him one above Galveston Pirate SC’s Roy Hernandez as the league’s leading scorer. 

New Planet:  Edwin Ferrera notched Club America Academy’s first-ever franchise goal in the 70th minute against Regals FC.

Black Hole:  Club America Academy and Corpus Christi Fuel are still searching for their first victory.

Sunspots:  With hot offenses abound, two defenses have remained extremely cool.  Tulsa Lobos FC has yet to surrender to the heat with four shutout performances, while Galveston Pirate SC has just one blemish on its defensive record. 

Space Race:  It’s the USSR vs. the USA or Galveston Pirate SC vs. Regals FC.  Whatever way you slice it, the rivalry match will be a bitter, heated sprint from beginning until end.  Galveston hosts Regals FC at Courville Stadium on Saturday, Dec. 4 at 3 p.m.  Tickets are $10.   

Haley’s Comet:  A victory is rare sighting for both Texas Lonestrikers and Club America Academy; however, the chances are high that one team will prevail when the Lonestrikers travel to Houston on Saturday, Dec. 4 for a 3 p.m. kick-off.  Parking is $5.   


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