What?Never! The injured, the healed, and those stuck in between

Posted: December 2, 2010 in What?Never!

Nobody every said soccer would be pretty. Most just feel that it's worth it!

By Kim DeRaedt

Senseless Superstitions
Argentinean coach Carlos Bilardo insisted that each of his players file past a bride and shake her hand on her wedding day during the 1986 World Cup.  Apparently brides bring good luck, and who can deny this statement when Argentina defeated the mighty Brazilians the next day?

Crossing the line:  David Beckham is hardly superstitious, and the secret behind his brilliant free-kicks is not to be envied.  The superstar battles with severe bouts of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Sometimes there’s no room for two players to have the same superstition.  Many players insist on being the last to take the field, but when France’s William Gallas and Arsenal’s Kolo Toure met up, Toure was not about to back down, so much so, that he missed the start of the second half of a championship match waiting for Gallas to head out before him.

That’s no theatrics
Goran Tunjic, 32, was playing for the fifth-tier Croatian team Mladost FC when he fell to the pitch in the 35th minute.  The referee showed him a yellow card for diving; however, Tunjic had just died from a heart attack.

Goooaalll!!!  Ouuucchhh!!!
Arsenal hero Cesc Fabregas recorded his team’s only goal in a 1-1 draw with Sunderland.  The goal came when Anton Ferdinand attempted to clear the ball while standing 35 yards from his goal.  Ferdinand’s effort ricocheted off Febregas’ cleats, looped over goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, and fell into the back of the net.  Febregas would have little time to celebrate as he hobbled off the field minutes later having suffered a hamstring injury from the force of Ferdinand’s blast.

Smooth as a baby’s bottom

The Sunday Times reported that several EPL players have decided to store stem cells from their newborn babies to use if faced with a career-threatening injury.  The stem cells are taken from the umbilical cord blood and frozen to treat, and perchance even cure, cartilage and ligament problems.

Injured in…battle?!
Those “No warm-up in goal area” signs are serious business as Everton’s Richard Wright found out the hard way.  Wright missed his team’s FA Cup match against Chelsea after ignoring a warming not to practice in the goalmouth and promptly falling over the sign, twisting his ankle in the process.  A lucky man, Wright also damaged his shoulder after falling through a loft while attempting to store away his suitcase. 

Couch “potatoing” is not for the physically unfit.  Leeds defender Rio Ferdinand strained a tendon in his knee while watching television.  He had his foot propped up on a coffee table for several hours, which resulted in the injury.

“Son, pick up your toys.”  Kidderminster captain Sean Flynn has only himself to blame as he suffered a broken nose, busted lip, and bruised toes after tripping over his son’s toy cars.

The Proof
Is it still a superstition if it’s so commonplace?  A list of strange soccer rituals:  http://www.health24.com/news/Special_Report/1-4581-4604,56883.asp  http://www.articlealley.com/article_1000679_32.html
Tell that to a doctor with a straight face.  Freak injuries:
Not what the average doctor ordered:  http://soccernet.espn.go.com/columns/story?id=699571&sec=global&root=global&cc=5901


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