Monkey See, Monkey Do: When man’s best friend and karma make their soccer debut

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Monkey See; Monkey Do

By Kim DeRaedt

They always say “like owner, like dog”.  Extensive studies have been conducted to prove just that.  Our furry friends can give insight into our demographic classifications, personality and beliefs, and even media preferences according to a Hunch Correlations & Reports publication on  Like their owners, dogs just want to have fun, and we all know soccer is the perfect outlet for excitement!  With four feet, perhaps they can even teach us a thing or two about the game we claim to know so well. Still, in Fluffy and Fifi’s absence, a new bitch must take over the helm and karma isn’t timid to impart a lesson either.

A lesson in give and take
When a player gets injured, it’s common courtesy to pass the ball back to the goalkeeper and start play from there.  On the other hand, it’s rather rude to attempt an upper 90 blast on an unsuspecting opponent.  Ajax Reserves didn’t mean to, however, so the team made amends by literally standing still and permitting Cambuur IIRC to score a goal of its own.

We all know that standing still won’t get you too far in soccer though.  Speed and aggression are key.  Step right in there and take it!  Remember Mark Twain’s famous quote, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.”  I wonder if he had soccer in mind.

Rollercoaster ride
Life is full of ups and downs.  Sometimes you’re the dog; sometimes you’re the hydrant.  It takes talent (or karma) to be both within 30 seconds, but this goalkeeper sure managed the trick with his overzealous celebration.

Then again, sometimes you’re just the dog.  We’ll cut Jimmy Greaves some slack and call him the dog catcher.

Notice Greaves wipes his hands afterward.  Dog cooties?  No, man’s best friend left a treat of his own!

Kibbles and Bits:
Other goals that are just odd to the bone:
The “tail” of the 1962 World Cup pooch:—crawling


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