Schooled! A lesson in MUSIC

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Schooled!

Clint Dempsey gladly signs autographs for his fans, but soccer isn’t the only trade that Dempsey has tapped into and built up a following.

By Kim DeRaedt

Soccer may be the only sport that creates a music genre of its own.  Granted fans don’t have the voices of the Jonas Brothers nor the songwriting capabilities of Taylor Swift, but supporters do put a unique stamp on the industry.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics
Did you really think the English sang “When the Saints go Marching in?”  Liverpool fans make a simple adjustment, insert: Reds.
Something tells me this doesn’t end in such a “Silent Night”.
From “Three Blind Mice” to “Three Blind Refs”—refs, mice, rats…what’s the difference?

100% Reason to Remember the Name
For better or for worse, “He Goes by the Name of Wayne Rooney”
America’s turn, “This is LA”
Brazil’s nearly identical, easily mistaken brother? “We’re not Brazil, We’re Northern Ireland”

From MF to D—DJ that is
Clint Dempsey has appeared a respectable 68 times for the US Men’s National Team, and his 19 goals puts him sixth on the all-time chart.  It’s this on the field rhythm that must aid Dempsey in finding his beat in the hip hop industry, his outside passion.  Under the alias “Deuce”, the tenacious Texas midfielder paired with two of the state’s rappers XO and the late Big Hawk to produce “Don’t Tread”, a Nike soccer advertising campaign launched for the 2006 World Cup to showcase the working-class origins of the US team.  Dempsey dedicated the song’s video to his sister Jennifer whom passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm at the age of 16.

Julio Iglesias’s singing success is no accident
Known as Spain’s best-selling singer in history and one of the world’s top Hispanic voices as well, Julio Iglesias was a Real Madrid goalkeeper with hidden talent that took a devastating accident to reveal itself.  Receiving a law certificate from Cambridge University might seem like a neat feat, but Iglesias’s real flair was found in music.  After an accident meant Iglesias was unable to pursue his soccer desires, he went on to release nearly 80 records, sell over 250 million copies, perform at some 5,000 concerts, and snatch a Grammy to boot.  Now “Everybody’s Talking” about the La Liga runaway.

And you thought “Goooooooooool” was soccer’s greatest (most annoying) musical contribution.


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