SayWhat?! Please speak up!

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Say What?!

Perhaps what the 2010 World Cup will go down in history for...the Vuvuzela!

By Kim DeRaedt

Can’t hear yourself think?  Is your head pounding?  You’re not alone. Not even a jet plane, chain saw, or your neighbor’s dog for that matter can compete with the ruckus at a vibrant soccer match.

Vuvuzela buzz
One of the headline snatchers of the 2010 World Cup, those irksome horns really were as loud as they appeared on TV.  Clocking in at 127 decibels (dB), Vuvuzelas edge a jet plane’s takeoff (124 dB) in the deafening noise column.  Firearms (140dB) and jackhammers (130dB) are the only two common noisemakers that can produce more of an ear-splitting sound than the mighty Vuvuzelas.  


Party animals
Although Vuvuzelas shoulder the most notoriety in sports’ clamor category, soccer is full of commotion-igniting instruments that can get any party started.  Take a look at rival culprits. 

  1. Vuvuzela: 127dB
  2. Air-horn: 123.6dB
  3. Samba drum: 122.2dB
  4. Referee whistle: 121.8dB
  5. Two fans singing: 121.6dB
  6. Gas horn: 121.4dB
  7. Cowbell: 114.9dB
  8. Wooden rattle: 108.2dB
  9. Inflatable fan-sticks: 99.1dB   

Human hullabaloo
Never underestimate man power.  Inonu Stadium, home of the Turkish soccer club Besiktas JK and the Carsi (its supporters), upped the volume during a Champions League match against Liverpool on October 24, 2007.  The fans’ uproar reached 132 dB, the highest logged sound level at a soccer stadium.

Nothing shows love and passion for one’s team and sport like some good quality NOISE!


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