Say What?! K.F.C. Germinal Beerschot, Finger Lickin’ Good

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Say What?!

Power, poise, persistence--Pretzels?!

By Kim DeRaedt

Belgian soccer club K.F.C. Germinal Beerschot isn’t the only team wishing it could re-write its birth certificate.  The famous Shakespearean quote once begged, “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose.”  A rose?  Really?  Hardly…

“Fart.”  Yes, Fart.  What makes it even worse, it’s the name of a women’s team!  The Norwegian female soccer squad has been around since 1934 but that’s scarcely an excuse.  Never would that name have exuded feminism or projected skill, fight, or an ounce of appeal. 

We can only assume the team name was lost in translation from Finland’s  “F.C. KooTeePee”
The Peruvian club Deportiva Wanka, known as D-Wanka, racked up quite the jersey sales in Britain much to the surprise of a naïve team spokesperson.  “It is very strange. Everyone in Britain seems to think we have a funny name.”  How so?!

Of course, you have to feel bad for these young students who have it rough.

Clever thinking out of Mars, PA—The Mars Area Fighting Planets
It’s a Dallas area all-girls prep school, but still—“fighting?”  The Hockaday Fighting Daises
Michigan’s Watersmeet Nimrods gained fame on an ESPN commercial asking, “Without sports, who would cheer for the Nimrods?”  The name has biblical origins, but somehow it’s still difficult to take pride in saying “I’m a Nimrod.”

A bit of the strangeness even spilled over to the mascots of otherwise “normal” teams…

Southend United’s “Elvis the Eel”

Arsenal’s “Gunnersaurus Rex”

Manchester City’s “Moonchester”

Florida Gators?  C’mon, how original!!

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