Weekly Bulletin: The SPSL across the board

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Weekly Updates

Game on! Five SPSL teams will be in action this weekend, but who will play their cards right and who will be sent back to start?

By Kim DeRaedt 

Guess Who?:  Andrew.  That’s right, Andrew was the name that gave the Fuel the game when the squad hosted Club America Academy on Saturday.  Andrew Perez snapped in a header and Andrew Carassco converted a penalty kick to lift Corpus Christi to a 2-1 victory.

Operation:  The SPSL sends its thoughts and prayers out to Corpus Christi Fuel and teammate John Uros whom was transported off the field by ambulance during last Saturday’s match against Club America after suffering a broken collarbone.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Aggravation: Do you remember what you were doing on October 16th?  Me neither, so imagine how difficult it must be for Texas Lonestrikers to recall the wonderful rush and feeling of victory.  The Lonestrikers have roamed over three months without hunting down a win but will attempt to do so on Saturday against Corpus Christi Fuel, the same prey that they captured that long-ago October afternoon.Tic-tac-toe:  Can Corpus Christi make it three in a row?  After dropping its first eight matches, the Fuel has clinched a pair of well-deserved 2-1 victories.  The first and most famous was a 2-1 upset over Galveston Pirate SC on the road; the second, a more humble but equally decisive victory over Club America.  Will the third “X” fall in place against the Lonestrikers in Nacogdoches?

Phase 10:  Galveston Pirate SC’s #10 tallied 10 goals for the team in 2010.  In 2011, however, Roy Hernandez will don the Regals FC kit and sport the #11 jersey.  There’s nothing like opening the year against his former team and Regals FC’s bitter rival.  The showdown is slated for Saturday, 3 p.m., at Maya Park in Houston. 

Trouble:  Club America has to sense the danger approaching as the team kicks-off against Regals FC on Sunday.  Last time the two sides met, Regals FC walked away with a convincing 5-1 victory.  Through seven games, Regals FC has tallied four times as many goals as Club America (36 to 9). 

Uno:  FINALLY!  After this weekend’s games, one team will rise above the others in the point total column.  However temporary it may be, it will surely represent a stark contrast from the “sharing is caring” philosophy that the league’s leaders have adopted for much of the first half of the season.  Whether the top dog will be Regals FC or Galveston Pirate SC remains the question. 

Jenga!:  Corpus Christi beat Galveston whom defeated Regals FC whom crushed Corpus Christi once and barely squeaked by the second time.  Club America will play only its second game in seven weeks.  Regals FC will play its second game in two days.  Galveston will hit the road.  The Lonestrikers will look to avoid hitting rock bottom.  There will be a fight for first and a fight to avoid worst.  Who will make the right move?  How will things stack up?  Who will shake the table and what will happen when all of the pieces of these matches tumble down into league history?  It’s a weekend of SPSL action not to be missed, that’s for sure!


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