Weekly Menu: What’s cooking in the SPSL kitchen

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Weekly Updates

All of the ingredients are in place for the making of a...well, you never know what the SPSL will cook up next!

By Kim DeRaedt

Oven-roasted:  From the “cooked” to the “cookers”, Texas Lonestrikers brought the heat and sparked the fire that allowed the lowly lodgers to break free from the basement and sizzle into fourth place in the SPSL standings.  The Lonestrikers offense was lit in the 10th minute and roasted until the 85th minute of play when it put the finishing touches on its 4-3 feast over Pirate SC. 

Angel food cake:  The Texas Lonestrikers’ upset celebration came only courtesy of its 12th man and on-looking angel Francisco Rios.  The captain of the Nacogdoches squad passed away following a car accident that claimed his life two weeks ago. 

Cold pizza:  Galveston Pirate SC was hot, or so it appeared.  Sitting atop the league prior to this weekend’s fumble, Galveston has actually been a cold cookery during the winter months with a 1-4-3 record in its last eight outings.       

Sweet corn:  It was a fine harvest for Regals FC whom plucked three goals of its own en route to a respectable 3-0 victory over Corpus Christi Fuel.  Roy Hernandez, Robert Hernandez, and Rolando Matute gathered the goals to plow the team up to the first-place slot.

Twin tacos:  Tulsa Lobos FC and Regals FC have always had a lot in common, like winning and scoring.  This weekend, for the first time, the long-lost combo will be brought together in Tulsa as two one-loss teams duke it out in a double-header duel.

Left overs:  This isn’t like the leftover vegetables that accidentally get brushed off the table and into the dog’s chomper.  It’s more like the leftover Christmas dessert with the potential to taste even better the second time around.  Not even grandma could cook up a match as good as Pirate SC versus Lonestrikers last weekend and this weekend, courses two and three hit the table in Galveston. 

Bread and eggs:  Simple, perhaps unexciting, yet essential—Club America will host Corpus Christi Fuel in a Saturday skirmish to avoid the notorious last-place nod.  The two teams have split in their season series thus far, but who will butter their bread and who will watch the yolk plop from their egg in this scrambled showdown?


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