Weekly Rumor: The inside scoop from the SPSL cliques

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Weekly Updates

Everybody's talking. The stereotypes are out, but the results are not in. Who will rule the SPSL school?

By Kim DeRaedt

Goths:  Unfortunately, the Texas Lonestrikers have genuinely been in a state of mourning after team captain Francisco Rios departed for heaven on February 9.  However, the black attire last weekend symbolized the sorrow the Lonestrikers felt after two defeats to Galveston punctured a hole 12 goals deep in the GD column. 

Skaters:  Call it an Ollie, a kickflip, boardslide, inner heel—Pirate SC reached into its bag of tricks and pulled a 360 from its dismal performance and 4-3 defeat to the Lonestrikers last weekend.   Galveston was flying high and cruising smoothly as it grinded the Lonestrikers into the ground, pulverizing them with a 5-0 and 8-1 walloping respectively. 

Nerds:  Tulsa learned its lesson from its 4-2 falling at the hands of Regals FC last Saturday.  A night of studying and a new dawn on Sunday brought out a confident Lobos FC squad, well-prepared for its next test.  Indeed, Tulsa aced the exam and rejoined the race for SPSL valedictorian by pulling down Regals FC and pulling through with a 2-0 victory.    

Jocks:  Like the high school football team with its admired senior quarterback, Regals FC likes to think it rules the school.  Although this is certainly debatable after splitting its weekend series with Tulsa Lobos FC, Roy Hernandez does appear to be king of the goal-scoring corridor.  Hernandez sits on the throne with 16 finishes thus far including his two well-timed tallies that helped Regals FC secure a 4-2 victory over Tulsa in the double-header opener. 

Theater crew:  After losing to Corpus Christi last month and crawling through a parched two months without a sip of success, Club America Academy added some unexpected drama by guzzling four goals in 90 minutes to knock down the Fuel wriggle free from the league cellar. 

Book worms:  Club America better read up if it hopes its audition against Tulsa, in Tulsa, will go as well as its Fuel recital.  The previous meetings between these two squads were all about the Lobos from front cover to back.  Tulsa hopes for much of the same this time and will focus on a fast start to be the early birds getting the wriggling worms. 

Band geeks:  Overlooked, underappreciated, Texas Lonestrikers will trek to Corpus Christi in the battle of the basement bands this weekend.  While few are interested in the clamor from down under the SPSL championship contention, the Fuel and Lonestrikers each look to blow its own horn and drum its way up the point staircase. 

Cheerleaders:  Its fourth and goal with five weeks remaining in the SPSL inaugural season.  There are no timeouts, no do-overs.  Every second, every step counts.  Three teams are playing for pride; three teams are playing for points in pursuit of the SPSL Cup.  Which team are you rooting for?  Gooooo_________!


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