Weekly animation: SPSL gets slimed!

Posted: March 9, 2011 in Weekly Updates

Something like a green-gooey mess fell out of the sky and splatted on the SPSL's head too as the six-team league dwindled down to four in the matter of a weekend.

By Kim DeRaedt

Hi there!  “Face” here.  And you’re watching N-n-n-n-nick JR!  Doo doo doo dodo!  Heehehehe!  Or it went something like that…Ahh those were the days!  Nothing like waking up to Little Bear or falling asleep for an afternoon nap with Rugrats on in the background.  How about Figure it Out?  No really, how about it?  The SPSL has triggered the “secret slime action”, Billy the Answer Head is drawing up blank, and how does one expect the panelists to examine the clue while blindfolded?  Slimed, dazed, and confused, the SPSL needs Nickelodeon’s brightest (i.e. Steve and Blue, Dora the Explorer) to make direction out of its dysfunction. 

The Angry Beavers:  Gone is Galveston Pirate SC.  The championship contenders bid the SPSL farewell and drifted out to sea, its 9-3-3 record and impending Saturday melee against Regals FC are all but distant dots on the radar.  Discontent built a dam that obstructed Pirate SC’s pursuits, but we shall never block out the team’s short but storied legacy.  There was the squad’s initial upset over Regals FC that gave way to a heated 1-1-1 series split.  Galveston gutted out three passionate battles against Tulsa Lobos FC with high-scoring 4-4, 3-2, and 3-3 thrillers.  Corpus Christi upended Galveston leaving everyone to think “what just happened?”, but ultimately it was Galveston that left our jaws dropped in this mid-March mess. 

KaBlam!:  Never watched the show to be honest, but the name seems self-explanatory.  KaBlam like the whack in the face that Texas Lonestrikers received after it was made aware of its expulsion from the league following the team’s failure to travel to Corpus Christi for its weekend double-header showdown.  The Lonestrikers’ remaining matches will go down as 3-0 forfeit victories for its opponents.  And then there were four my friends… 

Rocket Power:
  Tulsa added two more victories and six more points to its resume after toppling Club America 5-2 and 3-1 this past weekend.  The victories, in conjunction with forfeiture points from the team’s remaining scheduled matches against Corpus Christi, were enough to propel the Lobos into the first-place position.  The team’s 11-2-2 record will sit pretty until its next action on March 19 and 20 when Corpus Christi crosses the OK border.    

Invader Zim Club America will invade Corpus Christi on Saturday before marching into Maya Park on Sunday, although it’s hardly trespassing when it’s only a cross-town trek.  And Club America’s entrance scarcely carries the connotation of an “invasion” if the team leaves empty handed, much like it did in its last attempted-raid of Fairgrounds Field and Maya Park for that matter.  Nevertheless, Club America will look to strengthen its 2-1 series advantage over the Fuel, while a victory against Regals FC will take extra-planetary intervention. 

As Told by Ginger:  There are four weekends left in SPSL play and only 1…single…solitary point separating Regals FC (game in hand) and the first place Lobos FC gang hailing from Tulsa.  Correction:  There are likely three real weeks left in SPSL play as the March 26 and 27 contests between the Regals FC and Tulsa at Maya Park should be the decisive outings to determine the inaugural SPSL champion!

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius teams with the Fairly Oddparents to try to sort out the future of the four-legged, make that four-teamed, SPSL as the 2011 Spring-Summer season approaches.  Who will fill the void left by Pirate SC and Lonestrikers?  Houston Hurricane FC, AC Halcones USA, and a yet-to-be-named Forth Worth franchise have been extended an invitation to join for the next chapter of the league, but will they grace the SPSL party with their presence?


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