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The real Hand of God

And we wonder why the housing market is slow…

True, true but karma prevailed in the World Cup

If only life was logical…

The shirt of the future…


By Kim DeRaedt

Sometimes field conditions are a little bit sloppy.  Other times they are, well, take a look for yourself!

Just how powerful was Hurricane Ike?

Its remnants reached Winnetka, Illinois…

…and socked the Spartans of Michigan State.  Grounds crew, how did that work out for ya?

An equally brilliant solution straight out of Kamloops, British Columbia…

Instead of waiting for the water to come to the field, the alternative option is to seek the water at its source.  Singapore plays by land and sea…

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”—Charles Swindoll 
Take it from the kids.

By Kim DeRaedt

There’s nothing like a sharp jersey to give an athlete a confidence edge.  Picture day wasn’t designed to be so painful. 

Ronald McDonald would not be impressed.

Deportivo Pereira

Picasso, you have some competition.

Australia '90 Home

The reason why clowns are scary…

A geography lesson?  Atlas?  Columbus’s Japanese assistants?  Shimizu S-Pulse ’94 top.

So the next year Shimizu pledged to do better, but what is it?

Ahh…finally some homeland flavor.  When the USA hit the road in ’94, the team took the stars with them.