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The SPSL: the gift that keeps on giving!

By Kim DeRaedt

The SPSL exudes parity and protest, rivalry and races, goals and glory, chutes and ladders—you get the point!  With five months down and one month to go, the SPSL still hasn’t lost its swagger; it isn’t too old for surprises.  March will indeed come in like a lion, but it is not wise to assume that it’ll go out like a lamb.  Throw in some St. Patrick’s Day luck, and the SPSL is all a rainbow of obscurity, a pot of unpredictability, a sight not to remain unseen!

FLASHback:  While we were out…
During the FLASH’s hibernation, nothing happened!  Or, more appropriately, nothing was decided!  Neither Regals FC nor Tulsa nor Galveston was able to separate itself from the pack.  The same can be said for the posse in the pits of the SPSL standings.  Club America, Texas Lonestrikers, and Corpus Christi are still bruised and beaten.  The SPSL has gone full-circle.  Regals FC defeated Galveston, then tied them; they defeated Tulsa, spent the night, and squandered the points.  Texas Lonestrikers surprised Galveston.  Galveston returned the favor with two shellackings.  Corpus Christi, who had been standing strong, fell to its knees.  Club America has put its right foot in and taken its right foot out.  That’s what it’s all about!

March On:  What the future has in store…
Regals FC and Tulsa will tango twice more.  Galveston will have a date with each.  The title pretenders will audition as dream destroyers.  There will be tackles and goals, times of tears, displays of guts.  Some will rise, some will fall, but only one will persevere through it all.  Come April 3, there will be one team, one crown, one SPSL CHAMPION! 


It doesn't carry the same anticipation as a Harry Potter midnight showing, but groundwork has begun for the new-and-improved SPSL website.

Slowly but surely the SPSL is progressing, both on the field and on the web.  Now that the holiday season has slipped into the past, it’s time to get to work on the league’s new website.  Although it’s still in its humble beginnings, the “TEAMS”, “SCHEDULES”, and “STANDINGS” tabs have taken a vague shape of their future function.  Check the below link throughout the week to catch further developments.  Feel free to voice your suggestions and comments while the construction phase is still under way!

Happy Holidays

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SPSL FLASH will return with news updates on January 1st to kick-off the new year.  Merry Christmas!

Welcome Fans!

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SPSL FLASH is the official blog of the Southern Premier Soccer League.  Fans can gain access to general league updates and follow their favorite team.  SPSL FLASH is the one-stop news source providing comprehensive coverage from game recaps and player features, to community outreach and insider interviews.  The blog also extracts news from the world of soccer that pertains to the league and its enthusiastic soccer followers.  A special focus is given to the often neglected spheres of the sport in an attempt to increase awareness and interest of all those whom make the game the world’s greatest.  SPSL FLASH unearths the extraordinary from the seemingly ordinary and puts the league on the American sporting map.