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Something like a green-gooey mess fell out of the sky and splatted on the SPSL's head too as the six-team league dwindled down to four in the matter of a weekend.

By Kim DeRaedt

Hi there!  “Face” here.  And you’re watching N-n-n-n-nick JR!  Doo doo doo dodo!  Heehehehe!  Or it went something like that…Ahh those were the days!  Nothing like waking up to Little Bear or falling asleep for an afternoon nap with Rugrats on in the background.  How about Figure it Out?  No really, how about it?  The SPSL has triggered the “secret slime action”, Billy the Answer Head is drawing up blank, and how does one expect the panelists to examine the clue while blindfolded?  Slimed, dazed, and confused, the SPSL needs Nickelodeon’s brightest (i.e. Steve and Blue, Dora the Explorer) to make direction out of its dysfunction. 

The Angry Beavers:  Gone is Galveston Pirate SC.  The championship contenders bid the SPSL farewell and drifted out to sea, its 9-3-3 record and impending Saturday melee against Regals FC are all but distant dots on the radar.  Discontent built a dam that obstructed Pirate SC’s pursuits, but we shall never block out the team’s short but storied legacy.  There was the squad’s initial upset over Regals FC that gave way to a heated 1-1-1 series split.  Galveston gutted out three passionate battles against Tulsa Lobos FC with high-scoring 4-4, 3-2, and 3-3 thrillers.  Corpus Christi upended Galveston leaving everyone to think “what just happened?”, but ultimately it was Galveston that left our jaws dropped in this mid-March mess. 

KaBlam!:  Never watched the show to be honest, but the name seems self-explanatory.  KaBlam like the whack in the face that Texas Lonestrikers received after it was made aware of its expulsion from the league following the team’s failure to travel to Corpus Christi for its weekend double-header showdown.  The Lonestrikers’ remaining matches will go down as 3-0 forfeit victories for its opponents.  And then there were four my friends… 

Rocket Power:
  Tulsa added two more victories and six more points to its resume after toppling Club America 5-2 and 3-1 this past weekend.  The victories, in conjunction with forfeiture points from the team’s remaining scheduled matches against Corpus Christi, were enough to propel the Lobos into the first-place position.  The team’s 11-2-2 record will sit pretty until its next action on March 19 and 20 when Corpus Christi crosses the OK border.    

Invader Zim Club America will invade Corpus Christi on Saturday before marching into Maya Park on Sunday, although it’s hardly trespassing when it’s only a cross-town trek.  And Club America’s entrance scarcely carries the connotation of an “invasion” if the team leaves empty handed, much like it did in its last attempted-raid of Fairgrounds Field and Maya Park for that matter.  Nevertheless, Club America will look to strengthen its 2-1 series advantage over the Fuel, while a victory against Regals FC will take extra-planetary intervention. 

As Told by Ginger:  There are four weekends left in SPSL play and only 1…single…solitary point separating Regals FC (game in hand) and the first place Lobos FC gang hailing from Tulsa.  Correction:  There are likely three real weeks left in SPSL play as the March 26 and 27 contests between the Regals FC and Tulsa at Maya Park should be the decisive outings to determine the inaugural SPSL champion!

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius teams with the Fairly Oddparents to try to sort out the future of the four-legged, make that four-teamed, SPSL as the 2011 Spring-Summer season approaches.  Who will fill the void left by Pirate SC and Lonestrikers?  Houston Hurricane FC, AC Halcones USA, and a yet-to-be-named Forth Worth franchise have been extended an invitation to join for the next chapter of the league, but will they grace the SPSL party with their presence?


Everybody's talking. The stereotypes are out, but the results are not in. Who will rule the SPSL school?

By Kim DeRaedt

Goths:  Unfortunately, the Texas Lonestrikers have genuinely been in a state of mourning after team captain Francisco Rios departed for heaven on February 9.  However, the black attire last weekend symbolized the sorrow the Lonestrikers felt after two defeats to Galveston punctured a hole 12 goals deep in the GD column. 

Skaters:  Call it an Ollie, a kickflip, boardslide, inner heel—Pirate SC reached into its bag of tricks and pulled a 360 from its dismal performance and 4-3 defeat to the Lonestrikers last weekend.   Galveston was flying high and cruising smoothly as it grinded the Lonestrikers into the ground, pulverizing them with a 5-0 and 8-1 walloping respectively. 

Nerds:  Tulsa learned its lesson from its 4-2 falling at the hands of Regals FC last Saturday.  A night of studying and a new dawn on Sunday brought out a confident Lobos FC squad, well-prepared for its next test.  Indeed, Tulsa aced the exam and rejoined the race for SPSL valedictorian by pulling down Regals FC and pulling through with a 2-0 victory.    

Jocks:  Like the high school football team with its admired senior quarterback, Regals FC likes to think it rules the school.  Although this is certainly debatable after splitting its weekend series with Tulsa Lobos FC, Roy Hernandez does appear to be king of the goal-scoring corridor.  Hernandez sits on the throne with 16 finishes thus far including his two well-timed tallies that helped Regals FC secure a 4-2 victory over Tulsa in the double-header opener. 

Theater crew:  After losing to Corpus Christi last month and crawling through a parched two months without a sip of success, Club America Academy added some unexpected drama by guzzling four goals in 90 minutes to knock down the Fuel wriggle free from the league cellar. 

Book worms:  Club America better read up if it hopes its audition against Tulsa, in Tulsa, will go as well as its Fuel recital.  The previous meetings between these two squads were all about the Lobos from front cover to back.  Tulsa hopes for much of the same this time and will focus on a fast start to be the early birds getting the wriggling worms. 

Band geeks:  Overlooked, underappreciated, Texas Lonestrikers will trek to Corpus Christi in the battle of the basement bands this weekend.  While few are interested in the clamor from down under the SPSL championship contention, the Fuel and Lonestrikers each look to blow its own horn and drum its way up the point staircase. 

Cheerleaders:  Its fourth and goal with five weeks remaining in the SPSL inaugural season.  There are no timeouts, no do-overs.  Every second, every step counts.  Three teams are playing for pride; three teams are playing for points in pursuit of the SPSL Cup.  Which team are you rooting for?  Gooooo_________!

All of the ingredients are in place for the making of a...well, you never know what the SPSL will cook up next!

By Kim DeRaedt

Oven-roasted:  From the “cooked” to the “cookers”, Texas Lonestrikers brought the heat and sparked the fire that allowed the lowly lodgers to break free from the basement and sizzle into fourth place in the SPSL standings.  The Lonestrikers offense was lit in the 10th minute and roasted until the 85th minute of play when it put the finishing touches on its 4-3 feast over Pirate SC. 

Angel food cake:  The Texas Lonestrikers’ upset celebration came only courtesy of its 12th man and on-looking angel Francisco Rios.  The captain of the Nacogdoches squad passed away following a car accident that claimed his life two weeks ago. 

Cold pizza:  Galveston Pirate SC was hot, or so it appeared.  Sitting atop the league prior to this weekend’s fumble, Galveston has actually been a cold cookery during the winter months with a 1-4-3 record in its last eight outings.       

Sweet corn:  It was a fine harvest for Regals FC whom plucked three goals of its own en route to a respectable 3-0 victory over Corpus Christi Fuel.  Roy Hernandez, Robert Hernandez, and Rolando Matute gathered the goals to plow the team up to the first-place slot.

Twin tacos:  Tulsa Lobos FC and Regals FC have always had a lot in common, like winning and scoring.  This weekend, for the first time, the long-lost combo will be brought together in Tulsa as two one-loss teams duke it out in a double-header duel.

Left overs:  This isn’t like the leftover vegetables that accidentally get brushed off the table and into the dog’s chomper.  It’s more like the leftover Christmas dessert with the potential to taste even better the second time around.  Not even grandma could cook up a match as good as Pirate SC versus Lonestrikers last weekend and this weekend, courses two and three hit the table in Galveston. 

Bread and eggs:  Simple, perhaps unexciting, yet essential—Club America will host Corpus Christi Fuel in a Saturday skirmish to avoid the notorious last-place nod.  The two teams have split in their season series thus far, but who will butter their bread and who will watch the yolk plop from their egg in this scrambled showdown?

Branches are shaking. Teams are swinging up; others are falling down. It's a jungle out there!

By Kim DeRaedt

King lions:  Regals FC staged a second-half comeback to overcome Galveston Pirate SC 2-1.  Regals FC now sits at the top of the SPSL standings with 21 points and game(s) in hand over Tulsa and Galveston locked in second place with 20 points each. 

Bee sting:  As if surrendering the lead and the points wasn’t enough, Pirate SC’s defeat comes from the strike of a former teammate.  Roy Hernandez buried the game-winning goal for Regals FC with 10 minutes remaining in his first appearance for his new club.

Road kill:  Corpus Christi claimed an early lead against Texas Lonestrikers before succumbing to a 2-1 defeat on its trip to Nacogdoches.  The result puts these two competitors, along with Club America, at the bottom of the league barrel with 6 points each.

Stray dogs:  The Fuel thought it had turned the corner toward winning ways after 2-1 victories over Galveston and Club America in its previous two outings.  However, Corpus Christi made a wrong turn in its trip to Nacogdoches on Saturday and slipped up by the same 2-1 score line.  Lost and searching for its identity, just who is the real Fuel squad?

Parrot party:  It’s a repeat of last Saturday’s skirmish.  The only difference is that this Saturday, Corpus Christi will host the Lonestrikers and of course, hope for the opposite result.  Which bird will get in the last word and fly above the other in the SPSL ranks?

Cat fight:  Club America last met Pirate SC back in November, in the team’s franchise-first match.  That game went down to the wire before Galveston sank an 85th minute goal to clinch a 1-0 victory.  The two sides will claw at it again on Saturday in Galveston as both squads look to rebound from 2-1 defeats. 

Wolf pack:  Three teams are knotted at the top of the SPSL table, and three teams are tangled at the bottom.  While it doesn’t look as if any of the title contenders will yield their positions, can Club America separate itself from the bottom-dweller pack and migrate to middle grounds?

Game on! Five SPSL teams will be in action this weekend, but who will play their cards right and who will be sent back to start?

By Kim DeRaedt 

Guess Who?:  Andrew.  That’s right, Andrew was the name that gave the Fuel the game when the squad hosted Club America Academy on Saturday.  Andrew Perez snapped in a header and Andrew Carassco converted a penalty kick to lift Corpus Christi to a 2-1 victory.

Operation:  The SPSL sends its thoughts and prayers out to Corpus Christi Fuel and teammate John Uros whom was transported off the field by ambulance during last Saturday’s match against Club America after suffering a broken collarbone.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Aggravation: Do you remember what you were doing on October 16th?  Me neither, so imagine how difficult it must be for Texas Lonestrikers to recall the wonderful rush and feeling of victory.  The Lonestrikers have roamed over three months without hunting down a win but will attempt to do so on Saturday against Corpus Christi Fuel, the same prey that they captured that long-ago October afternoon.Tic-tac-toe:  Can Corpus Christi make it three in a row?  After dropping its first eight matches, the Fuel has clinched a pair of well-deserved 2-1 victories.  The first and most famous was a 2-1 upset over Galveston Pirate SC on the road; the second, a more humble but equally decisive victory over Club America.  Will the third “X” fall in place against the Lonestrikers in Nacogdoches?

Phase 10:  Galveston Pirate SC’s #10 tallied 10 goals for the team in 2010.  In 2011, however, Roy Hernandez will don the Regals FC kit and sport the #11 jersey.  There’s nothing like opening the year against his former team and Regals FC’s bitter rival.  The showdown is slated for Saturday, 3 p.m., at Maya Park in Houston. 

Trouble:  Club America has to sense the danger approaching as the team kicks-off against Regals FC on Sunday.  Last time the two sides met, Regals FC walked away with a convincing 5-1 victory.  Through seven games, Regals FC has tallied four times as many goals as Club America (36 to 9). 

Uno:  FINALLY!  After this weekend’s games, one team will rise above the others in the point total column.  However temporary it may be, it will surely represent a stark contrast from the “sharing is caring” philosophy that the league’s leaders have adopted for much of the first half of the season.  Whether the top dog will be Regals FC or Galveston Pirate SC remains the question. 

Jenga!:  Corpus Christi beat Galveston whom defeated Regals FC whom crushed Corpus Christi once and barely squeaked by the second time.  Club America will play only its second game in seven weeks.  Regals FC will play its second game in two days.  Galveston will hit the road.  The Lonestrikers will look to avoid hitting rock bottom.  There will be a fight for first and a fight to avoid worst.  Who will make the right move?  How will things stack up?  Who will shake the table and what will happen when all of the pieces of these matches tumble down into league history?  It’s a weekend of SPSL action not to be missed, that’s for sure!

With no clear frontrunner, there’s no time to waste to determine which team will break away from the pack as four teams are up and active this weekend.

By Kim DeRaedt

Nightmare:  Tulsa Lobos FC will never have cake before bed again.  Maybe it was the creamy chocolate frosting, but whatever it was, it put the team through a horrible nightmare.  Tulsa dropped its first game of the season by a 3-2 decision in the team’s weekend opener at Galveston.

Déjà vu:  Pirate SC players thought they had it bad when they saw their three points turn into one after Tulsa tallied on a last second penalty kick during the teams’ first meeting in December.  Sunday brought back all-too-real memories when the Lobos executed the same stunt to draw Galveston 3-3. 

Wakeup call:  Of the four halves of soccer played this weekend, three featured goals in the waning seconds.  Galveston scored in first and second half stoppage time in Saturday’s contest, and Tulsa leveled the score with seconds to spare in Sunday’s battle.  In the words of every U-8 coach, “Never quit!”

Dream train:  All aboard!  Pirate SC may have lost several conductors, but the team is taking all interested passengers and departing on its dream journey to arrive as SPSL champions in April.  Not even the Lobos could reroute the cargo as Galveston positioned itself in joint first with the OK crew.

Cloud Nine:  Justin Santibanez returned to his former club, Pirate SC, and couldn’t have been happier with the fit.  He netted the game winner for Galveston in Game 1 and scored what appeared to be the game winner on Sunday as well, before a last second penalty destroyed the celebration. 

Snooze:  The highly anticipated bout between Corpus Christi Fuel and Regals FC was postponed courtesy of Mother Nature’s tears.  In fact, postponed matches have reared their ugly heads enough times to extend the season into April.  This showdown will occur on the final weekend, April 2 at 3 p.m. in Corpus Christi. 

Insomnia:  Tulsa can’t sleep!  The team is eager to recapture sole possession of first place.  Texas Lonestrikers can’t sleep!  The team is eager to redeem itself for its two losses against Lobos FC in December, including a narrow 1-0 defeat.  Both will be put out of their misery this weekend when the Lonestrikers lay foot in Tulsa for double-header action squaring off at 3 p.m. each day. 

Narcoleptic:  Club America will venture south to face Corpus Christi on Saturday.  The Houston boys got the best of the Fuel in a 4-1 home victory last time, but the team has been known to fall asleep its fair share of occasions.  Meanwhile, the normally sleepy Fuel woke up long enough to shock Galveston in the club’s previous match.  Which Club America and Corpus Christi teams will show up this time?  Who will fall asleep at the most inopportune moment? 

Football, soccer…whatever you call it, the surprise and bewilderment never leaves the world’s game. There is plenty to be decided in a chock-full weekend of SPSL happenings.

By Kim DeRaedt

BCS Championship:  If you thought Auburn and Oregon produced a game for the ages, the SPSL brings you Galveston vs. Tulsa in double-header action this weekend. 

Rose Bowl:  Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, and undefeated seasons are too.  Tulsa Lobos FC remains the SPSL’s only undefeated side.  Can Galveston derail the dream train?

TicketCity Bowl:  If there’s one game to see this weekend, it’s game two of the Galveston-Tulsa duel.  A team is only as good as its last performance.  Who will recline comfortably on the league’s throne for at least the following week?

Pinstripe Bowl: 
In their last trip to Corpus Christi, the Regals FC players barely escaped jail and a punishing point depletion from the lowly Fuel.  Corpus Christi constructed a late comeback that fell just short in a 3-2 defeat, but the team has been itching for a second chance and will attempt to put the final details on its Cinderella project when it hosts the Houstonians this weekend. 

Armed Forces Bowl:  Corpus Christi finally came together and united to defeat Galveston Pirate SC in its last game of 2010.  Will the troops be able to pull together and become a formidable unit in 2011? 

Insight Bowl:  The holidays were hardly a hibernation period for Pirate SC.  The team was up and active as far as roster renovation is concerned.  Out are many Galveston notables such as Roy and Luis Hernandez.  In is an old face, Justin Santibanez as well as new faces bringing mystique, anxiety, and hope into the Pirate SC palace.

Music City Bowl:  It was music to Regals FC’s ears when the Hernandez brothers announced their desire to relocate from Galveston to the Maya Park grounds.  Regals FC’s already potent offense will now have even more ammunition to carry with it in 2011.