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The verdict is in, and Landon Donovan can’t believe it. He doesn’t remember the last time he was ranked 42nd in anything!

By Kim DeRaedt

The International Federation of Football History and Statistics regularly ranks the top national leagues from around the world.  Although the United States jumped from 88th to 42nd in the latest standings, this mighty nation with all of its people and all of its money still falls surprisingly below some otherwise humble countries. 

Top 10
1.  Spain
2.  England
3.  Italy
4.  Brazil
5.  Germany
6.  France
7.  Argentina
8.  Portugal
9.  Netherlands
10.  Ukraine

Of note
12.  Mexico
23.  Egypt
27.  Japan
31.  Iran

Country                                 Population                          GDP per capita
33.  Belarus                         10 million                             $14,000
35.  Cyprus                          1 million                               $28,000
38.  Moldova                      4 million                               $3,000
42.  USA                               309 million                           $48,000

Of note

61.  Australia
84.  China
95.  South Africa
118.  Jamaica

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